A Volvo Concept Car Embraces a ‘Digital Detox’ Interior, Features Indoor Garden

Automotive technology and autonomy is developing at a rapid pace. Every week we see announcements of new EVs, advancements in technology, and a plethora of screens and other gizmos.

Futuristic design doesn’t have to mean adorned with technology, however. It can take on an altogether more zen-like and sophisticated look and feel.

Case in point, this concept car from Volvo, designed by student Oscar Johansson, in collaboration with Volvo Design. Called the Haven, it’s a highly specialized design, a low-slung car with a translucent shell that showcases the vehicle’s main design element, a central ‘garden shaft’ of sorts.

The vehicle is Johansson’s Master thesis project, and we’re impressed by the level of polish, as well as his ability to push boundaries in the automotive world, offering something new.

The idea is to disconnect from the world of technology and screens, a so called ‘digital detox’. The car’s interior is obviously just a concept, but it offers up some fascinating ideas, when it comes to bringing plant life into the cabin of a vehicle, letting you have a zen space to relax in, as your car takes you from place to place.

Very impressive design, and an exciting prospect of how our future transportation needs can be shaped.

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