All of Mr. Roger’s Cardigan Sweaters in Chronological Order

The much beloved Mr. Rogers had an outfit that was instantly recognizable, the classic zip up cardigan sweater over his button down.

Now his trademark outfit has been categorized over the years into chronological order, from the show’s beginning in 1969 to its completion in 2001.

Owen Phillips has paid tribute to Mr. Rogers by painstakingly tracking each of these sweaters and putting them into a comprehensive chart.

Via MyModernMet:

“Some sweaters were worn once and then never again, like the neon blue cardigan Rogers wore in episode 1497,” Phillips explains. “Others, like his harvest gold sweaters, were part of Rogers’ regular rotation and then disappeared. And then there were the unusual batch of black and olive green sweaters Rogers wore exclusively while filming the ‘Dress-Up’ episodes in 1991… A noticeable pattern also shows up when you lay out the color of each sweater Rogers wore chronologically: Over time, Rogers ditched the pastels for darker, more saturated tones.”