Greenwashing Packaging Hides Plastic Inside Its ‘Paper Bottle’

‘Hello, I’m Paper Bottle’ is a skin serum by Innisfree that wants you to believe it’s an alternative to a single-use plastic bottle. A consumer cut the paper bottle open to reveal a traditional plastic bottle inside, revealing just how far companies will go to trick you into buying ‘eco friendly’ alternatives.

The company’s response:

Innisfree responded by acknowledging that they “overlooked” how consumers could be lead to think the entire packaging was made of paper and apologized “for failing to deliver information in a precise way.”

To us, it sounds like they got caught greenwashing their products, and are trying to minimize blame. And while this small instance is nothing new, it does remind us that consumers need to be smart about their purchases, making sure their ‘green products’ are actually better for the planet, and not just marketing cynicism.

Via The Dieline: