Atacama Desert by Jesse Echevarria

Photographer Jesse Echevarria has a great series that explores one of the driest, most remote deserts on the planet. The Atacama is located in a narrow strip along the Pacific Ocean in South America, mostly in the country of Chile. The desert is arid and has a stunning desolation to it. It’s been compared to the climate of Mars, with lifeless soil and often used in movies and TV that need a Mars-like setting.  Dry yet full of character, this photo series definitely makes us want to get on a plane and explore for ourselves.

In a five days driving trip, we went from Antofagasta through Paranal Observatory, Hand of the Desert, San Pedro de Atacama and Los Flamencos National Reserve. The nights were extremely cold, dry and quiet, while the days were colorful and filled scenic landscapes. Out of all the trips I’ve done, visiting Chile has been the most rewarding experience I’ve had since I started landscape photography. Everything about this place is out of this world.


The llamas, the starscapes, the unfamiliar vistas all appeal to our adventurous nature. This fascinating desert is begging to be explored.