Bambox Wants to Reinvent the Toilet Paper Wheel For a Square Solution

Toilet paper has been in its current, roll form for the last 130 years. That tubular, roll form, with the large hole in the middle, is actually quite space inefficient, wasting up to 70% of the space that it takes up.

Up to 70% of the space taken up by traditional toilet paper rolls is wasted.

Bambox wants to change that paradigm with a box of toilet tissue, made out of sustainable bamboo. Using a proprietary design that compresses the paper into the box, Bambox is trying to make the everyday more sustainable and efficient.

Using a zig-zag pattern, Bambox is able to put 4x more paper in a box, which has been retrofitted to hang onto existing toilet paper holders.

Learn more about this innovation on FastCompany:

“Our space-efficient design helps increase sustainability by reducing up to 50% of the fuel, GHG emissions, costs, and stabilizing the supply chain, making it a more environmentally-friendly choice compared to legacy brands.”