Betsy Walton’s Pacific Northwest Explorations

Portland-based painter Betsy Walton has a thought-provoking and colorful exploration of her native Pacific Northwest through mixed media art. Lots of fascinating forms and metaphors emerge from her vibrant work, the more we examine them.

Via Colossal:

“I paint over old versions of images so that there is a kind of memory to the painting,” she explains to Colossal. “I like being able to create an image that slowly unfolds. My hope is that a person looking at the finished work is able to have a long relationship with the image—lots of nuance to discover over time.”

BetsyWalton_inhaleexhaleBetsyWalton_iwillnotforgetyouBetsyWalton_oldandnewBetsyWalton_pendulumbookBetsy WaltonBetsyWalton_waterfallBetsyWalton-_NehalemMagicBetsy WaltonBetsyWaltonTestify