Designer Stephen Jones Teams Up with G-Star Raw to Create Haute Design for Denim

Denim has been fashionable for over a hundred years, and will probably continue to be for another hundred. But that hasn’t stopped fashion designers from trying to shape the fabric into something more unique or upscale. And we don’t mean a full denim tuxedo.

British designer Stephen Jones recently collaborated with G-Star Raw to create a line of haute design pieces that incorporate denim in a whole new way. The celebrated milliner is obviously known for hats, and we love the way headwear is being reinterpreted in unexpected ways.

These out-there designs are wild and also fascinating, including an impossibly high stacked cap, a winged hat, a cloche cape, and an enormous sun hat that curves down to create a wearable skirt.

From G-Star:

From the anarchist years of the 80’s to the current 2020’s; Stephen Jones has always pushed the limits in headwear design. And this time is no different. The prestigious milliner transformed G-Star denim into two distinctive hats. Stephen Jones explains: “I took denim out of its comfort zone. And made it what it wasn’t. G-Star gave me complete carte blanche.”