Dreamy Surrealist Renderings

There’s something very calming and dreamlike about these architectural renderings that take us away. Created by a range of talented artists and designers, they transport us to a new and visually freeing place, free of distraction.

We especially love the sunken living room couch, luxurious in its deep green, set into a field of wildflowers. It’s a humorous juxtaposition, but also a dreamy one, a place we would most definitely lay down in, for a very relaxing nap.

Fascinating and beautiful designs, via TrendLand:


“I’m trying to bring nature into my work a lot more nowadays. We’ve invaded it so much as a human species, perhaps we could let it invade our digital worlds a bit more.”

Alexis Christodoulou



“I always start with an imaginary place where I would like to be. Then I think about a specific moment of the day, to craft the perfect light and convey emotion through photorealistic 3D. I imagine what kind of materials and lights I would like to see in my dreamlike spot, then I try to create the right balance between reality and unreality.”

Benjamin Guedj


“Our Japanese Garden series comes from visual research of landscapes, objects, spaces that belong to a culture that is not ours but we admire. This external point of view was the key to create something new, adding a new reinterpretation of the mood board we had. Pleasant spaces and harmonic gardens work together as an invitation to relax and meditate.”

Six N. Five