Ettore Sottsass’ Memphis Style


Looking like it came off the set of Pee Wee Herman’s TV set, “Memphis” style is a design style born from Ettore Sottsass, and other Italian postmodernists. While some may find the designs gaudy and silly, it was a personal favorite of David Bowie, who owned a personal collection of more than 100 Memphis Design pieces. Many of them are now being sold in a special auction.

Working Title/Artist: 1981, Ettore Sottsass: "Carlton" Room Divider, wood, plastic laminate Department: Modern Art Culture/Period/Location: HB/TOA Date Code: 11 Working Date: scanned for collections

The bright colors and clash of textures epitomized 80’s design, and of the Memphis design group. 


Ettore Sottsass in his element