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We’re not sure quite what’s going on here, but we like it a lot. Digital artist The Rusted Pixel (great name) has a fun little video showing off his modeling and design skills, with a great cast of mod furniture and plants.

Great digital design by The Rusted Pixel Great digital design by The Rusted Pixel Great digital design by The Rusted Pixel


Cascine Moss and Fog

Design Studio PESI has a great new light series called Cascine, made from acrylic and steel, with colored LEDs that can be manipulated to overlap each other in beautifully colored hues. Click the images below to see the different style lamps up close. Great use of simple color and form. Via Behance:

The Big Bend probably won’t be built. At 3,690 feet long, the skyscraper would also be one of the tallest on the New York skyline. Architecture firm Oiio concepted this design, which almost looks like an eloganted, habitable St. Louis Arch. Regardless if it ends up breaking ground or not, it’s nice to see concepts that bend the mind just a bit. Via DesignBoom:

Big Bend Skyscraper Big Bend Skyscraper Big Bend Skyscraper

A CNC machine is not elegant. It’s huge and cumbersome, with wires cords and complicated settings. But the output of a CNC can be beautiful. Take these bird sculptures, for example. Created by Moisés Hernández Design Studio, the simplified bird forms are made smooth and streamlined, and then color dipped for a very soft and warm effect.

CNC birds


The Ollie chair is going to be a hit. How could it not? This Kickstarter chair turns from classy, wood slatted ergonomic shape to a beautifully flat slab with the pull of a string. Ingenious! Currently raising money on Kickstarter, the chair is designed and made by RockPaperRobot, a design firm in New York.

Ollie is weather resistant and available in a number of special edition painted versions.



A lot of us grew up with stacks of yellow National Geographic magazines around, their iconic shape and consistently wonderful photography giving us glimpses of the world, near and far. Often the magazines include fold-out maps and excellent infographics. But did you know that the magazine pretty much invented the formula? Their infographics have been going back for more than 128 years. Now National Geographic has teamed up with Taschen to publish a beautifully rich collection of these graphics, including many you’ll recognize, and many you’ve probably missed. An epic journey broken down into seven sections: History, The Planet, Being Human, Animal World, World of Plants, Science & Technology, and Space. We can’t wait to get a copy.


11317-2 fdf7d0a7f4fa8250e1366b9fa5a3ee0b natgeo3 natgeo7


Zaha Hadid died last year, but left an incredible legacy of fearless, and forward-looking architecture that will last several lifetimes. A tower being built by her firm now is featured in DesignBoom, and showcases some amazing design attributes. Featuring the world’s tallest atrium, at 600 feet (!!), the twisting shape gives movement to this towering building.

zaha-hadid-architects-leeza-soho-moss-and-fog2 zaha-hadid-architects-leeza-soho-moss-and-fog3 zaha-hadid-architects-leeza-soho-moss-and-fog4


This ingenious, miniature solar contraption unfurls like a flower, and tracks the sun, harvesting enough electricity for a four person family. The articulating design also completely folds flat, and tucks itself away into an unobtrusive, ground-mounted case. Smartflower, an Austrian company, claims their device gathers 40% more energy than roof-mounted systems. Smart, indeed.

Check out the video on Mashable:


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This glass house of a juice stand should get your attention. Created by 314 Architecture in Athens, Greece, this beautiful greenhouse of a structure appears as if it would make you healthier just by entering it. Created for Bfresh Spitiko, serving all natural fruit juices. Note the peacock, fox, and reindeer, for effect.  Via DesignBoom:

futuristic-juice-stand-2-moss-and-fog futuristic-juice-stand-3-moss-and-fog


Primitive Technology is a YouTube channel dedicated to building authentic, real world tools and structures using…. primitive technology.  The latest creation is an impressive “bed shed”, an elevated platform with roof, allowing you to sleep off the ground and covered from the rain. Presented without voiceover or music, the videos posted are oddly peaceful and engaging.

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