Every Electric Vehicle For Sale in The US in 2022

With record gas prices and rampant climate change, people are looking at alternatives to expensive and dirty internal combustion vehicles. Factor in the technology, comfort, and driving benefits of electric cars, they are the obvious option. ⚡️ 🚙

In the last few years, dozens of EVs have hit the market, and while many of them remain pricey, there are lots of affordable options, including several that undercut their gas competitors when you factor in fuel prices and lack of maintenance.

The non-maintenance issue is one often overlooked by car buyers. Electric cars have very few moving parts, and no transmission. This means no oil changes (ever), and very little in terms of systems to fail. In three years driving an EV, we have had absolutely zero maintenance costs.

With that said, what’s available?

Though there are well over a hundred electric models available worldwide, we’re going to focus on the US, where as of spring 2022, there are over 22 distinct models available.

This clever and attractive infographic from Visual Capitalist gives us a breakdown of all EVs for sale in 2022, starting from the most expensive to the least.

The infographic gives us lots of additional stats too, from cost to electric range, to horsepower. Since this infographic was released in April, at least three new EVs have joined the party. The Toyota BZ4X, Subaru Solterra, and the Ford F-150 Lightning.

As car enthusiasts that also care deeply about the state of the environment, we’re confident in recommending electric cars, which are cleaner, more fun to drive, and often, less money to own and maintain than the gas cars they replace.