Giant Footprint on the Greek Coastline is a Metaphor for Our Impact on the Land

This enormous, 1000-square meter land art project puts a massive footprint on the land off the coast of Greece.

The imprint, made to look like a boot’s treads, Footprint was created by Greek artist The Krank, and is a metaphor for human impact on the world, and the consequences of our actions.

The simple yet powerful work was part of the 2022 Paxos Biennale, and creates a lasting memory, long after the footprint itself fades out of existence.

Photos © Themis Boikos.  Via DesignBoom:

‘Conceptually, ‘Footprint’ deals with the meaning of loss. Nature, ecosystems, and biodiversity are all in a variable state with a negative sign. The parallelism that emerges through the impermanence of my work, and our presence as a species, reinforces the message I wanted to communicate. Everything is fluid, and nothing should be taken for granted,’