Furry Fi

Google Fi is an alternative to traditional cell phone providers, offering lower cost phone options for users in urban areas. Their branding has been taken over by a campaign showing fluffy, furry, and vibrant versions of it’s “Fi” logo. The work is fun and silly, feeling less like an ad for technology, and more like a visual exploration of colors and textures, which is definitely refreshing. The vibrant hues play on each other, with bubbly forms interacting with drippy, plasticky renderings. Reminiscent of the form and texture ad for Nike we posted about last year. Design and rendering work by Mono and Not to Scale. Via Behance:


motion-google-fi-023cc71b62675531.5a980fdf4d2e6c7bbbe62675531.5a980fe07c51dmotion-google-fi-04 (1)motion-google-fi-05motion-google-fi-08motion-google-fi-09