Liberty Crumbling, A Powerful Lincoln Sand Sculpture

This powerful sand sculpture entitled Liberty Crumbling is the work of Damon Langlois, and shows Lincoln in his monument, but his head is depressingly in his hands. Below, the base of the sculpture shows deep cracks, like it’s beginning to crumble.

Expertly made, there is a lot of symbolism in the piece, though Langlois declined to mention what he’s trying to signify with the sculpture, leaving it open to interpretation from either side of the political divide.

Liberty Crumbling sand sculpture

The sculpture, unsurprisingly, won first place in the 23rd annual Texas SandFest, which is considered one of the biggest sand sculpture festivals in the world. The piece took four days to create, and showcases a powerful and troubling reminder of the fragility of our democracy, and helps to illustrate the current state of American society. Via My ModernMet:

damon-langlois-sand-sculpture-2damon-langlois-sand-sculpture-5Liberty Crumbling sand sculpturedamon-langlois-sand-sculpture-7Liberty Crumbling sand sculptureLiberty Crumbling sand sculpture