Mario’s Oversized Cartoon Leather Boots Brought to Life by Red Wing

Mario, that squat Italian plumber we all know from our childhood, is still in the cultural zeitgeist. With the release of the new Super Mario Brothers Movie this summer, we’re seeing even more of Mario.

Now, Red Wing Shoes, the legacy maker of work boots, has taken on the cartoonishly big shoes that Mario would use, and created a real, tangible version of them.

Beautifully hand crafted, the leather boots have all the makings of a traditional work-boot, but in the charming, squat-design fit for a video game star.

On display at Nintendo New York through April, the film opens April 5.


“It’s here, the official boot of Super Mario Bros. Plumbing. Using legacy methods and innovative materials, Red Wing’s skilled craftspeople have brought some of the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom to real life.

Mario’s boots are expertly crafted from Red Wing leather, with a reinforced toe box and rounded heel. Most importantly, the heel pad is made with state-of-the-art mushroom-infused materials celebrating Mario’s signature abilities.”