Spiraling Treetop Walkway in Denmark

spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 1

A marvelously elegant installation in Denmark, this spiraling observation platform starts at ground level, and gently winds through the forests, an hour outside of Copenhagen. Designed by architecture studio EFFEKT, the ambitious undertaking consists of a ramp over 2,000 feet long that culminates in this dramatic spiraling lookout. Set to be finished in 2018, we look forward to our next visit to Denmark. Via BoredPanda:

spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 2spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 3spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 4spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 5spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 6spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 7spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 8spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 9spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 11spiraling-treetop-walkway-effekt-denmark-moss and fog 10