The 50,000 Year Old Table

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If there weren’t absurdly overpriced luxury items of every shape and size available, we would say that $100,000 for a table would be excessive. But in today’s world of personal submarines and gold smartphones, this extremely rare and ancient wood table is actually worth something. Ancient Kauri wood is some of the rarest in the world, and all of it is found preserved and buried in a peat swamp in New Zealand. Once the size of giant redwoods, the Kauri trees have been perfectly preserved for over 50,000 years, and the wood has a magical wavy grain to it, that is said to appear three dimensional even on a flat plane. An artisan in Wisconsin takes this rare wood and transforms it into truly one-of-a-kind furniture, like the table pictured below.  To own a gorgeous masterpiece from the last Ice Age might not seem so absurd after all. Via Ancientwood:

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