The Architecture of Musical Instruments

Music obviously has the power to inspire. How about the instruments themselves? What might a piano look like from the inside? How about the interior of a standup bass or a violin?

Photographer Charles Brooks explored these things, and revealed amazing results.

His series, Architecture in Music, gives us a wondrous perspective, making these relatively cramped spaces seem cavernous and immense.

From a hand carved Australian didgeridoo to a massive Steinway piano, Brooks utilizes specialized probe lenses and high resolution cameras to create these highly unique views. A truly one-of-a-kind look at the spaces within instruments.

Photography used with artist’s permission. 



“Fazioli Grand Piano”


“The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway”


“Meinl Conga Drum”

“1995 Low C Prestige Bass Clarinet”


“Kawai Grand Piano”


“Australian Didgeridoo”


“2021 Selmer Saxophone”


“Fazioli Grand Piano”


“The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway”


“Taylor GS Mini Guitar”


“The Exquisite Architecture of Steinway”

“Charles Theress Double Bass”