The World’s Oldest Restaurant Has Been in Operation for Over 1200 Years

It’s not everyday you can say the same restaurant has served Christopher Columbus, Mozart, and Clint Eastwood.

St. Peter Stiftskulinarium is Salzburg, Austria claims that title, having served food since AD 803, making it the oldest restaurant in Europe, and by most measures, in the entire world. 

Indeed, having been open for over 1200 years gives St. Peter a distinction that feels very solitary and special, having served generations of people, dating back to the dark ages.

While some claim the world’s oldest restaurant is in Spain, St Peter has been in operation for nearly twice as long. The distinction is that during the earlier years, they gave food away to religious travelers who were passing through the monastery.


The restaurant now offers a range of dining options, and is divided into rooms and spaces that feel very distinct from one another. Some retain their ancient decor and history, and others feel decidedly updated and modern, with decor that might surprise you, for such a historic space.

Indeed, one of their slogans is “we love the history, but we do not live in the past” which speaks to the restaurant’s willingness to continue evolving with the times.

‘“I’ve come to en­joy my­self”, has prob­a­bly been the motto since 803 and every day since – ex­cel­lent cui­sine, an ex­tra­or­di­nary 
am­bi­ence, the finest wines and pas­sion­ate ar­ti­sanal skills have made us spe­cial for 1,200 years: We love the his­tory but we do not live in the past.’

-St. Peter

The menus at the restaurant are as varied as the decor, featuring classical Austrian dishes as well as more contemporary takes on food, drink, and ambience.

There is a Mozart dinner as well, featuring a live orchestra and opera singers who serenade the diners by candlelight, all while celebrating Austria’s own Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The older of the dining rooms, which still feels thoroughly modernized compared to its age.

There are touches that speak to the European history of the space, but numerous contemporary touches as well.  If you expected a museum-like experience, you might be disappointed.

1200+ years of service. A range of unique and artisan menus. A plethora of dining spaces with decor to match.
A fascinating restaurant, indeed, one as full of quirks as it is full of history.

Check out their website for more information, and to book a memorable meal.

Photos via St Peter’s website as well as The Matador Network