Vestaboard Brings the Past Into the Future

We initially scoffed when we saw the Vestaboard, a seeming contradiction of old-school technology paired to a mobile device. But the more we pondered, the more we resonate with the concept of the board, which uses traditional split-flap displays to showcase a board of text. The displays used to be common at airports and train stations, before digital displays took over.  There was something beautiful about the flip-flip-flip of mechanical letters spinning around to bring you the latest departure information.

Well, that experience has been reborn, in a very Silicon Valley way, with the Vestaboard.  A wifi-connected board that syncs with calendar apps and even Alexa and Google Home, Vestaboard brings the satisfying flip-flip-flip to your home or business.  Able to display 70 characters plus colors, the board is similar in size to a 37″ flat screen. We like the applications that the company has showcased, like menus and calendar events, but also inspiration quotes and song lyrics, bringing a sense of introspection to our busy days. We think they’ve done a very elegant job of bringing the past into the future. This technology isn’t cheap, however. An early, discounted price for the Vestaboard is $1,850.

Vestaboard // moss and fogPerfect for a cafe, Vestaboard creates a beautiful custom menu.

vestaboard-moss-and-fog-10Connected to your smart device and your calendar, Vestaboard offers up reminders and events.

Vestaboard // moss and fogThe board’s connectivity make it easy to share event notifications.

Vestaboard // moss and fogEasy to update, the board lets you leave messages for the family.

Vestaboard // moss and fogColored flaps allow for some interesting designs on the Vestaboard.

Vestaboard // moss and fogA sexy way to show a bar menu, Vestaboard’s physicality adds depth to a space.

Vestaboard // moss and fogVestaboard // moss and fogThe Vestaboard app offers lyrics and quotes of the day, keeping your messages fresh.

Vestaboard // moss and fogIn a world full of digital screens, there’s something special about Vestaboard’s physical messages.

Vestaboard // moss and fog