Beautifully Fluid Photography by Rubén Álvarez

This dynamic and beautiful series by Rubén Álvarez is called Haematopoiesis, and relates to the process of formation of blood cellular components.

It’s dynamic work that feels scientific and artistic all at once. Read more about his process and personal inspiration for the project below.

Images used with artist’s permission. See more of his work on Behance and website

“Hematopoiesis is the process of formation of blood cellular components, and therefore life.
This is the first release of a total of 280 images created during the last five months, 50 cells handcrafted one by one with paint, liquid thickener, ferrofluid and magnets, then photographed to create this collection.”

“This project was inspired by my very personal experiences so I discovered the Hematopoiesis process, while I was looking for treatments for more than 15 pleomorphic adenomas that were located around my head and neck. I went through several surgeries to remove them and reconstruct my facial nerve, as well as almost thirty radiotherapy sessions to prevent these adenomas to appear again.”