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Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Amazing ceramic sculpture by Christopher David White.

This impeccably detailed ceramic sculpture called Cycles of Decay was created by ceramicist Christopher David White who works out of Bloomington, Indiana. Even on close inspection the knotted and twisting veins of the tree branch look almost exactly like old wood, take a closer look on his website. (via sweet station)

The artist has another impressive sculpture with the title Not 2B, similarly detailed and realistic.



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A CNC machine is not elegant. It’s huge and cumbersome, with wires cords and complicated settings. But the output of a CNC can be beautiful. Take these bird sculptures, for example. Created by Moisés Hernández Design Studio, the simplified bird forms are made smooth and streamlined, and then color dipped for a very soft and warm effect.

CNC birds


This is just Wow. As an Oregonian, I’m very proud of my state. It’s people and politics and nature all add up to something special. But I’ve never seen the Beaver state like this, and I bet you haven’t either. Made using infrared converted cameras, Sam Forencich has created a masterpiece of scenery and landscape. Beautifully shot using drones and time lapse, the scenery looks completely otherworldly thanks to the way infrared lights things up. Mount Hood comes alive with colors you’ve never seen. Crater Lake looks like an alien landscape from a science fiction movie. Edited with brilliantly choreographed sound design, this is a fullscreen, sound-on affair. Do yourself a favor and devote 5 minutes fully to this video, entitled Invisible Oregon. It’s amazing. Via LaughingSquid:

invisibleoregon-mossandfog2 invisibleoregon-mossandfog3 invisibleoregon-mossandfog4 invisibleoregone-mossandfog5


Primitive Technology is a YouTube channel dedicated to building authentic, real world tools and structures using…. primitive technology.  The latest creation is an impressive “bed shed”, an elevated platform with roof, allowing you to sleep off the ground and covered from the rain. Presented without voiceover or music, the videos posted are oddly peaceful and engaging.


Volkswagen did not have a good year, it’s fair to say. Their systematic cheating, lying, and polluting has finally come back to bite them, and it’s meant a massive blow to their bottom line. In addition, they will probably never sell another diesel car in the USA. So, the company is eager to redo their image, in a more eco-friendly, and futuristic way. Enter the fifth iteration of their iconic microbus redux, this time badged as the all-electric I.D. Buzz.  Via Jalopnik and DesignBoom:


Unveiled as a concept car at the NAIAS in Detroit, this version seems to be slightly closer to reality than past iterations. And because VW is overdue for a hit, let’s hope this time, they actually build the car.

volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-2 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-3

Designed to be a fully functional living room, the electric car is replete with touch screens, a pop-up coffee table, and a fully autonomous mode.

volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-4 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-5 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-6 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-7 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-8

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Magnets are magic. We all know that, right? As the owner of a supremely cool Lyfe hovering planter, I can attest that they are indeed, magic.  Now, another Kickstarter-launched product uses the power and beauty of magnets to operate a lamp. Called the Heng Balance Lamp, the light only comes on when the two wooden spheres are aligned in magnetic form, suspended by strings.  This unique design is purely for fun, but helps to add a sense of purpose and alignment to the overall form. Via Colossal:

light-1 light-2 light-3

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Peter Tarka has a deft way of arranging sets, and an imagination that seems to have no bounds. Using 3D rendering software, he creates whimsical and offbeat arrangements in lovely hues and tones.

sets-2-moss-and-fog sets-3-moss-and-fog sets-4-moss-and-fog sets-5-moss-and-fogsets-6-moss-and-fog

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Casey Neistat has surfed his way through New York City streets, and now he’s taken his antics to the slopes of Finland, with a custom made drone that can lift a human, supposedly the first of it’s kind. Watch as the drone pulls him up a ski hill, and even 60 feet into the air, a feat that we think we’ll skip trying ourselves, for now.




Some real creativity on display here with these veneer decorative masks by Urban Masquerade. Inspired by Picasso, the series  has a great sense of play and expression. Starting at $80.






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Secret Wood makes exquisite jewelry of natural materials that resembles holding an entire world on your finger. Their rings are made of wood, resin, beeswax, and are so artfully created that you could stare into them for hours. Many of their designs have glow-in-the-dark properties as well, making them even more magical.  If you’re a fan of snow globes, these rings have the same miniature world properties. Hand made, and starting at $90.


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