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Adidas Futurecraft 4D Printed Shoes


4D is the new 3D, it seems. Using a new process called Digital Light Synthesis, Adidas has partnered with Carbon to create a shoe sole that is not so much printed as it is “born” out of a liquid bath. Carbon is revolutionizing the 3D printing world with their technology, which promises to be 10-100x faster than traditional 3D printing, and allows for shapes that have never been seen before.  Adidas sees this as an opportunity to explore hyper-customized products that are specially tuned to a customer’s height, weight and size. Pretty awesome stuff. Via DesignMilk:



Quin – Candy is Magic


Never known to shy away from my sweet tooth, I usually have a little bowl of candy out at my house. Some friends have even taken to calling me ‘Grandma’ for my old-school habit. Life is too short to freak out about a little sugar. Everything in moderation, yeah? Well, Quin gets it, they’re on my side. A modern candy brand from my hometown of Portland, Oregon, Quin has been making beautiful sweets for the last few years, with real ingredients, and sexy packaging to make it even sweeter. Their lollipops come in flavors like blackberry (with seeds!), chai tea, and pinot noir, using hyper-local ingredients and no artificial colors. Their tagline? Candy is magic. I agree.


Popcorn caramels, both salty and sweet


Local blackberry lollipops with seeds


Old fashioned hard candy, root beer, cinnamon, butterscotch




Modpools Shipping Container Pools

In-ground pools are amazing. They’re also incredibly expensive to build out, and once they’re in, removing them is an enormous task. Meet the Modpool, the next best thing to an in-ground pool. Utilizing a shipping container, Modpools transforms the container into a sleek, solid, transportable pool that installs quickly. The pool offers a large side window, and can be temperature controlled with a smartphone. Even better, a divider can turn half of the pool into a hot tub, with a powerful heater able to turn the water temperature up in just an hour. Built-in LEDs add light to the experience. Not cheap at $26,000, but compare that to a full in-ground project, and it’ll start looking quite the bargain. Made in Canada, via Uncrate:

Cassini’s Last Tour

Cassini Moss and Fog 1

Cassini is an orbiter that has been diligently exploring our Solar System for the last twenty years. A joint venture between NASA, ESA and ISA, Cassini was partnered with a lander named Huygens until it jettisoned to the moon of Saturn, Titan, in 2005.

For over a decade since then, Cassini has faithfully orbited Saturn, sending back some amazing images of our beautiful ringed planet neighbor.  Sadly, Cassini is on it’s last legs:

Cassini continued to study the Saturn system in the following years, and continues to operate as of April 2017. However, due to the spacecraft’s dwindling fuel resources for further orbital corrections, it is currently planned to be destroyed by diving into the planet’s atmosphere in September 2017. – Wikipedia

Powered by a small nuclear power source, the orbiter is running out of juice after all those years in the cold vacuum of space. Here are some great images captured by Cassini over the last several years. Thanks to incredible engineering and design efforts, this orbiter has given us a huge amount of data about our solar system, planets, moons, and space in general. RIP, Cassini. Photos and info courtesy of NASA. 

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Kniterate, The Automatic Knitting Machine

Kniterate takes the concept of home automation to knitting, a technology that is either extremely simplistic, or takes huge, industrial machines. Colossal has a description of the machine and it’s capabilities:

Kniterate allows you to create digital designs in Photoshop and turn them into a wearable garments in just a few hours. The machine is capable of knitting scarves, sweaters, dresses, ties, or even the components of shoes. Kniterate could dramatically reduce lead time for a fashion business or design school in need of quick prototyping, or help a more ambitious artist in the fabrication a completely unique wardrobe.

You can learn more over on Kickstarter.

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A Sexy Briefcase


Briefcases are cool. They’re so much sleeker and streamlined than a chunky backpack, and they just look better when carried. Japanese steel company  Toyo Steel has a sexy series of briefcases called Konstella that you should check out. Pairing aluminum and leather, the case cuts a nice profile, and will definitely set you apart from your chunky backpack wearing crowd. Via Spoon & Tamago:



Henry London’s Colorful Arms

henry london moss and fog 1

Great advertising campaign for Henry London, who makes sharp looking wristwatches. Love the diversity of skin color and style in the models. See more of the campaign on Behance:

henry london moss and fog 2henry london moss and fog 3

Vlisco’s Fabulous Fabrics

Vlisco Moss and Fog 4

Vlisco is a famous Dutch fabric design brand, and there’s a new exhibit of their designs at the Helmond Museum in the Netherlands. With a strong tie to Africa, Vlisco’s collection showcases a number of African-inspired patterns. But the team was given full creative control over their work, quoted:

They were asked “Go crazy, please. I just like the whole maximalistic approach. Just a bunch of truly creative people hanging out, with no commercial hindrance, makes for a truly radical exhibition.” – Zara Atelj, Creative Director

Click the images below to see them in full color-popping detail. Via The Cool Hunter:

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Cascine Lamp Collection

Cascine Moss and Fog

Design Studio PESI has a great new light series called Cascine, made from acrylic and steel, with colored LEDs that can be manipulated to overlap each other in beautifully colored hues. Click the images below to see the different style lamps up close. Great use of simple color and form. Via Behance:

Cycles of Decay

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Cycle of Decay: A Sculpted Ceramic Hand that Looks Like a Carved Tree Branch wood sculpture ceramic anatomy

Amazing ceramic sculpture by Christopher David White.

This impeccably detailed ceramic sculpture called Cycles of Decay was created by ceramicist Christopher David White who works out of Bloomington, Indiana. Even on close inspection the knotted and twisting veins of the tree branch look almost exactly like old wood, take a closer look on his website. (via sweet station)

The artist has another impressive sculpture with the title Not 2B, similarly detailed and realistic.



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