Budweiser’s 2019 Superbowl Ad Showcases Their Move to 100% Wind Power


Super Bowl ads have become almost as big of an event as the big football game itself. For years, advertisers roll out their shiniest, most impressive spots, hoping to tug at heartstrings, get a laugh, or impress with a new product. Budweiser’s 2019 spot features their famous Clydesdale horses, but this time speaks to their environmental commitment, achieving 100% wind power at their facilities.


Starting with their firehouse dog getting a face full of breeze, we see dramatic camera panning and moving, eventually sweeping up to reveal the Clydesdales pulling their wagon through a field dotted with wind turbines.  Bob Dylan’s iconic “Blowing in the Wind” song accompanies the ad, to very fitting effect.


Overall, we’re impressed and delighted to see corporate stewardship like this, especially in the face of poor leadership in Washington.


What do you think of the spot? Does it hit the right notes for you? Via Treehugger: