Instantly Explore the World with the Clever and Simple CityRadio

We love how damn simple and straightforward the CityRadio is. Comprised of a simple player with modular city buttons, the device lets you instantly tune into radio stations in your city of choice. Samba in Sao Paulo? Business talk in Beijing? Talk radio in Tokyo? It’s just a click away.

You simply touch the city you want to listen to, and the radio does the rest. The retro design feels like something out of a Bauhaus lecture, in a modern, elegant way.

Additional cities can be swapped easily, giving you access to radio stations from all over the world. The seeming randomness of the programming makes it a delightful experience, kind of like a field trip around the world, virtually.

On sale on Uncrate now for $95, the CityRadio is a super unique gift for the discerning people in your life. Check out the video

“Catch the top 20 in Berlin then listen to the news in Tokyo. The City Radio keeps you in tune with the rest of the world no matter where you are. The small wooden radio features 18 interchangeable keys, each one with a different city written on it. Press the corresponding button and the device will connection to the live radio station of that city. The radio utilizes the free accompanying app and is available for both Android or Apple devices.”