Katerina Kamprani’s Uncomfortable Objects

Katerina Kamprani is an architect based in Athens, and has a knack for creating objects and household items that are uncomfortable at least, impossible to use at best. They’re the type of clever designs that make you chuckle at how frustrating or annoying they’d be to use in real life.

The ongoing series is called “The Uncomfortable”, and shows Kamprani’s prolific nature as an artist and designer. Take a look at the impressive collection below.

Images used with artist’s permission

buttons_01_pportrait 01

“Balancing humor, art and design, Katerina analyze and redesigns everyday objects in order to make them inconvenient.”

chain_fork_01_pchain_fork_02_pchampagne_01_pmug_01_pmugs_01_pmugs_03_pspoon_04_pteaset_01_pteaset_03_pteaset_07_pthick_set_02_pthick_set_03_pThe Uncomfortable_01_slim stairsThe Uncomfortable_03_potThe Uncomfortable_04_mprikiThe Uncomfortable_05_broomwatering_can_02_pwineglass_01_pThe Uncomfortable_07_doorThe Uncomfortable_08_entranceThe Uncomfortable_09_keyThe Uncomfortable_11_chair 02The Uncomfortable_12_chair 01The Uncomfortable_13_shakersThe Uncomfortable_14_spoonThe Uncomfortable_15_paddleThe Uncomfortable_17_umbrellaThe Uncomfortable_18_canThe Uncomfortable_20_bootsbroom_01_p