African Style for Miles

In a series tribute to a close friend, this collection of highly styled African men in Accra showcase some truly classy looks.  The red backdrop presents a bright frame for these gentleman to showcase their style, and they don’t disappoint. All former tailors, they were inspired by a fashion designer friend, and their sense of style is avant garde and fun. Amazing hairstyles help create a postmodern look, and the swagger they show make them all the cooler. We’d like to get a drink with this group of guys. Via Behance:


Following the Kibera Tribute show for Kevo Abbra’s father, his former friends in Accra, Ghana decide to also set up a show to honour the man who inspired them to venture out from being simple tailors to become iconic fashion designers in their respective hoods. The following are images from their tribute show in Agbobgloshie showcasing their designs.