Litli Ulfur’s Organic, Mossy Embroidery Mimics the Natural World

Like stepping onto a soft, mossy covering of a forest floor, these beautifully crafted embroidery pieces take us out of our normal lives, and into a beautifully natural one.

They’re the work of artist Litli Ulfur, who uses incredible detail and color to bring ordinary materials to life.  Her work doesn’t just reference the hue of natural moss, but it captures the very essence of it, from subtle, shifting textures to the formations of growth and natural patterning. Quite impressive indeed.

True to our namesake, we love all things moss related, and find her work especially entrancing.  Be sure to check out her Instagram for more beautiful work.

Images used with artist’s permission.


That moment when I pulled the thread for the last time and looked at the finished handwork… The satisfaction was twice as big for a large part of this embroidery consisted of French knot (a simple embroidery stitch that creates a nubby, little three-dimensional dot) made of ONE thread. I have to admit that it was an extremely crazy idea. I felt this ‘craziness’ only after struggling for a long time, when I`d experienced moments of doubt and frustration – the progress was very slow. However, today I am pleased to present you the fruit of my recent labors – ‘The Inside’.
Litli Ulfur