Michelin’s Bikesphere Projects a Ring of Light for Safety

micheline bikesphere moss and fog cover

The French Tire company Michelin has recently been experimenting with bicycle technology, and their latest gadget is called the Bikesphere. Projecting a circular ring of red light around the moving bicycle, the Bikesphere highlights the safe distance cars should keep around cyclists using laser projection.  According to Michelin: 1 in 5 drivers don’t respect a basic distance around cyclists, causing more that 5000 avoidable accidents every year.

When cars approach, the laser projection gets brighter, and a second ring is projected. Sensing daylight, the Bikesphere turns off the laser and acts like a normal headlight. And when darkness falls, the device fires up it’s protective halo. A very smart and potentially life saving addition to your nightly bicycle commute.  Via DesignBoom:

Michelin Bikesphere

When a car is near, the Bikesphere projects a double red ring.

michelin bikesphere moss and fog 2

A single ring is projected during normal riding

michelin bikesphere moss and fog 3michelin bikesphere moss and fog 4michelin bikesphere moss and fog 5