Powerfully Angry Skies

Chilean freelance photographer Francisco Negroni has a stunning series showcasing seriously angry skies, alive with plumes of volcanic smoke, lava, and shocking threads of lightning.  The images are so violent and bombastic, it’s easy to think they couldn’t possibly be real. Like they’re something out of a science fiction movie. But it’s a real phenomena known as a dirty thunderstorm, caused by frictional charging, when ash, rock and other ejecta collide, creating massive amounts of static electricity. It would be a thrilling thing to experience such a storm, and we’re excited to see Negroni’s exploration of this type of photography.  Even more impressive to us, is the more than 90 active volcanoes in Chile alone. Via Colossal:


When I go outside to take photographs, I try to leave with the images in my mind: I imagine what I am going or want to achieve that day in that place… Although many times I don’t get what I imagined or thought would be a good photograph, and I get others that I couldn’t have imagined and they are much better, it’s strange. But almost always I work in a direct documentation, with an idea in base, but trying to always obtain an understanding of something more difficult for the spectator.