Shatterproof Kreis Cup is Made From Compacted Coffee Grounds

Coffee lovers, you can now drink your coffee in a cup made from coffee! The Kreis Cup is a great alternative to disposable paper cups, of which 200+ billion are thrown away every year.

Using compressed coffee grounds and plant-based resin, these clever cups are strong, dishwasher safe, and also have a light coffee scent, enhancing the drinking experience.

We’re also intrigued by their natural brown color and texture, giving them a warm, organic look and feel.

The cups are available for pre-order on Indiegogo, in a range of sizes and forms.

“The Kreis Cup is free from petroleum-based plastics or any other environment harming substances. It is 100% sustainable, reusable and recyclable. The Kreis Way, our recycle program is intended to collect Kreis Cups at the end of their life span and repurpose them into new cups, never touching the landfill.”