Stay in the One and Only Hobbiton From Lord of the Rings

Now this one is pretty cool.

The idyllic, underground homes of the Hobbiton movie set from Lord of the Rings are now opening their doors for lucky guests to stay in, courtesy of Airbnb.

This iconic movie village, built in the rolling grass hills of New Zealand’s Waikato region are remarkably accurate to J.R.R. Tolkien’s original vision, but have never been open to the public before.

Now guests can now have access to 44 Hobbit Holes, The Millhouse, The Green Dragon Inn, and other amazing set pieces from this seminal film series.

The stay includes:

  • Cozy overnight accommodation curated by the trilogies’ Creative Director Brian Massey, including a writing nook fit for Bilbo Baggins at The Millhouse.
  • Private access to a personal Hobbit Hole, set up for relaxing moments of Preciousss™  downtime and afternoon tea.
  • An evening banquet in The Green Dragon Inn with a feast featuring beef and ale stew, whole roast chickens, freshly baked breads and plenty of ale, plus Second Breakfast™ and Elevenses™ served daily.
  • A behind-the-scenes private tour of Hobbiton Movie Set.

We’re struck by how impressive the dwellings are up close, built for a film, but with such care and craftsmanship as to last generations.  The circular doors of the hobbit holes are charming, and the homes are decorated beautifully with fantastic period furnishings.

It would be a magical experience to sleep in one of the homes, stepping out into a magical New Zealand morning, and feel like you’re transported to a new world altogether.

The experience has some house rules, of course:

  • No unexpected parties, please –  unless with Gandalf and company.
  • Bare feet are allowed, but wipe them first.
  • Magical rings permitted, but keep them secret, keep them safe.
  • Pony parking is provided only at The Green Dragon Inn.
  • Straying far at night is discouraged, thanks to multiple troll sightings of late.
  • No pets are allowed, except Pickles the resident Hobbiton cat.
  • Never laugh at live dragons…

Even more impressive, the limited stays will be available for a mere NZD $10 per night, making this accessible to everyone lucky enough to book the adventure.

From Airbnb:

Hobbits, elves, wizards and others may request to book one of three overnight stays on Wednesday, December 14 from 10:00AM NZDT at Stays will take place March 2-4, March 9-11, and March 16-18, 2023. You Shall Not Pass! (without requesting to book, of course).