Moss and Fog Best Travel Posts of 2022

Travel is essential for seeing the world, expanding your horizons, and ultimately, getting a better understanding of life on earth.

There are so, so many beautiful, unique and wild places to explore, and we try to feature ones that highlight natural parts of our planet, and ones that offer special cultural explorations.

Here are our top travel posts from the past year.


Stay in the One and Only Hobbiton From Lord of the Rings

Love the Lord of the Rings? The amazing Hobbit set pieces from the award-winning series are now up for rental on Airbnb for a limited time. How cool would it be to stay in Bilbo Baggins’ underground dwelling?


Ready to Get Back Out There and Travel? Here’s Our Pick for The Best Backpack

Great travel deserves great gear, right? We’ve scoured the internet for the very best gear you can find to make your travels better in a three-part series. Take a look.


The Five Least Visited National Parks in the United States

For us, big crowds can ruin the beauty of some national parks. There are some national parks, however, with few visitors at all. We’ve gathered the least visited of them all.



6 Places to Visit to Experience the Serenity of Nature

Needing a place to unwind and relax? Here is a collection of amazing places that let you peacefully soak in serenity of nature.


Earth’s Biggest Cave Will Blow Your Mind

The biggest cave on earth is so large it will astound you, and it’s available to tour, for the trip of a lifetime.


Smart Ways To Handle Finances While Traveling

We don’t want to be bogged down with thoughts of money while on an adventure. Here are some smart tips for handling money while traveling.


6 Fascinating Things About Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful place filled with historical and natural wonders. The brave, resilient people of Ukraine make it especially beautiful and meaningful.


The Most Popular Houseplants in Every Country

Houseplants are popular the world over, and this post explores the most loved ones in every part of the globe.