7 Smart Ways To Keep Our Environment Clean And Safe

So, you want to make better decisions for the environment, but you aren’t sure where to start. Well, there are a lot of things we can do to be more sustainable and reduce our impact on the planet. For one, we can dispose of our junk cars responsibly. For another, we can make more sustainable choices at home. We will also look at using public transport instead of driving, avoiding planes and overseas shipping, upcycling and reducing our energy use. With these tips in mind, we can make smart decisions for the future of the planet. 


1. Dispose of Junk Properly

When it comes to keeping the planet as clean and safe as possible, it is vital to dispose of junk and trash in a responsible way. Poor waste management and illegitimate junk disposal are key sources of unsafe, toxic fumes and contaminated soil. So, if you have an old car, you can visit the UsJunkCars contact page to discuss their expert junk removal services. There are relatively eco-friendly ways to dispose of junk cars, and experts can be reached all over the continental US.

Breathe a sigh of relief in the clean, fresh air, knowing that you are taking care of your planet by disposing of your junk appropriately.


2. Make Sustainable Home Choices

While it is for the people at the top to make the large-scale changes necessary to clean up the environment, we can all do our bit. If you have the resources, you could change the energy source in your home to solar, for instance. However, even smaller steps, like changing out your light bulbs for more sustainable alternatives can make a difference. Re-filling containers instead of buying new plastic packaging is another popular way to care for the environment. Or, you can use a bamboo toothbrush, shop local, reduce your meat intake, and use vegan beauty products.

These steps can help us all achieve carbon neutrality. That is, matching the amount of carbon emissions with our efforts to offset the negative effects. 



3. Use Public Transport

Another great step toward cleaner air and a safer environment is using public transport, whenever possible. Buses and trains can save the planet from a lot of individual car fumes from commuters. While many Us cities are not walkable, and you understandably have places to be, if it is possible to leave your car at home, it is very helpful for the planet to do so.

That being said, if leaving the car at home is not a viable option, you can look for park-and-ride options or discuss lift-sharing with other drivers. Perhaps a few people on your street all drive their kids to the same school, or you and a colleague both drive a similar way to work. If you can, you should see if you can condense the number of cars used on a daily basis. This has the side benefit of saving you all money on fuel and parking!



4. Enjoy a Staycation

A huge source of carbon emissions in the environment is the travel industry. Planes and boats are big polluters and there is an ever-increasing demand for them. So, if you are planning a holiday, why not make the ethical choice and vacation in your local area? You can have a great time right here at home, or in a local bed and breakfast. The most special thing about holidays is that you get to relax and take time off from the bustle of everyday life.

You can plan the perfect staycation by getting in all the food you love, planning which of your favorite movies you will watch, and unplugging from work. 


5. Avoid Overseas Shipping

Whether you are buying food, clothing, beauty products, or technology, it is very easy in this high-tech and relatively small world to shop online and buy from overseas. However, the issue with buying all of our items from across the globe is that they have to make their way to us. Remember that ship that got stuck in the Suez canal? Well, it was full of shipped items for customers around the world.

Ships and planes carrying our packages are a massive source of pollution in the environment. While sometimes overseas shipping is unavoidable, if you can find a similar item locally, it is a great idea to order that instead.


6. Upcycle and Reuse Items

Rather than always buying new clothing, furniture, and accessories, you can try upcycling pieces and reusing items. For instance, instead of getting a whole new outfit for an event, you can customize and reinvent outfits you already have in your wardrobe. The same can be done with furniture and other household items. Sick of your chest of drawers? Don’t get new ones, just repaint them!

There are a lot of inspiring ideas online for upcycling furniture and reimagining clothing. So, get your creative hat on and see what you can do with the items already in your home. This will save the planet from the strains of fast fashion and materialism.


7. Be Sparing with Electricity

Lastly, if your energy still relies heavily on fossil fuels, you can be sparing with your electricity usage. Do not leave lights on, chargers plugged in or music playing in rooms where nobody is present. Try to avoid using electricity for the sake of it and be mindful of how long your heating or air conditioning is on. This will save you money on your energy bills as well as benefit the planet.


Now that you have read this list of 7 things you can do to keep the environment clean and safe, you will have a better idea of the little changes you can make in your day-to-day life for the atmosphere. From disposing of your junk car in an eco-friendly way to making more sustainable home choices, there is plenty to be done for the environment. Remember to use public transport wherever possible, avoid flying and overseas shipping, upcycle items, and be conservative with electricity to keep the planet safe. Many of these changes can also save you money, so they are win-win!