This Incredible Image of the Moon Is Made Up of 100,000 Photos

It’s amazing what such dedication to a craft can produce, and photographer Andrew  McCarthy shows us just how far that talent can take you. The image of our moon, below, was patiently stitched together from 100,000 photos. It’s positively beautiful, with a clarity and depth of color that you rarely ever see.

We never saw an image that gives the moon so much character, with a range of browns, grays, and blues as this one. The craters positively pop off the screen, and we get a sense of the scale of our orbiting friend.  Even more impressive, this image is the work of an individual, not NASA or some other governmental agency. Via Design You Trust:


“This first quarter Moon also is one of the best for showing crater detail,” explains McCarthy on his Instagram, “as the long shadows [along] the terminator really make the details pop”.