Banksy’s Self-Destructing Painting Just Sold for $25.4 Million

One of the most memorable moments in the art world in the last decade was when the mysterious artist Banksy had his painting “Love is In the Bin” self-destruct the moment it sold at auction. The price for the (intact) painting was $1.2 million.

The frame of the painting hid a secret shredder, which attempted to destroy the painting as soon as the auction gavel went down.  Although the shredder didn’t fully succeed, the moment was shocking and amazing to see, with members of the highbrow Sotheby’s auction crowd aghast as the art descended through the gold frame.  We’ve queued up the video below.

Ironically, the half-shredded painting is now even more iconic, and just sold at auction again, this time for a whopping $25.4 million.

Whether Banksy finds this turn of events charming or not, the art world remains hungry for moments like this.  Via Robb Report: