London’s 900 Foot Tall Tulip Gets Approval

Though the mayor of London tried to cancel this project, The Tulip refuses to die, and looks set to bloom over the British capitol before long.

the UK Housing Secretary is set to approve the project, overruling the mayor, and ushering in what may be London’s next big attraction.

Certainly the slender, 300 meter tower will make an impact on the city’s skyline. Rising up to a massive glass observatory, the Tulip will also feature glass pods that move like a gondola, creating epic views of the city below. It promises a big economic return, from tourism, and also the creation of over 1,000 jobs.

Check out the impressive renderings and video below, and learn more at


“The Tulip is designed to draw visitors from London, the UK and around the world into the City’s Eastern Cluster and onto the Culture Mile. A multi-dimensional experience at 300 metres high, combining stunning design with breath-taking views.”


“The Tulip is in the spirit of London as a progressive forward-thinking city. The latest in a long tradition of London landmarks. And a statement of confidence in the future.”