Doug DeMuro Reviews ‘The Low Res Car’, a Minimalist Angular Contraption

Bear with us for a minute, this bizarre wedge of a car was too crazy to not mention. Dubbed the “Low Res Car”, it is a marketing effort by apparel company United Nude, which is even stranger.

Basically the car is simplified down to its absolute simplest form, which is angular, without any sign of a regular car, like wheel wells, mirrors, or even windows. Indeed, car reviewer Doug DeMuro calls it the most bizarre car he’s ever seen, which is saying something.

Created as more of a statement piece than anything, the vehicle is exceptionally rudimentary mechanically, with homespun controls and basically no creature comforts or features.

Regardless, the car’s audacious minimalism is notable and fun, even if it is more of an art project than an actual product. If this passed you on the street, we imagine it’d make you say “what the…?”