Telosa, a Brand New Metropolis Planned for the American Desert

There aren’t a lot of brand new cities that are planned out to the extent of this new mega project, dubbed Telosa.

This hugely ambitious project is nowhere near breaking ground, but it promises a lot:

“The cleanliness of Tokyo, the diversity of New York and the social services of Stockholm: Billionaire Marc Lore has outlined his vision for a 5-million-person “new city in America” and appointed a world-famous architect to design it.”

The logistics of planning and building such a city would be quite the undertaking. At an estimated $400 billion dollars, it’s clear there are huge hurdles before the futuristic city could get underway.

Promising sustainable design and energy production, the city also plans a futuristic transportation system that allows residents to cross the 150,000 acre city within 15 minutes.

Marc Lore has tasked famous architect Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) to work on the project, bringing some much needed credibility to the design and implementation.

Planning a city in the middle of the desert seems especially fraught, with climate change wreaking havoc on the American west and southwest. But Lore promises that the city’s design will set new levels of sustainable design, and actually serve as a model for other cities around the world.

If funding and planning proceed, the new city plans to welcome residents starting in 2030.

Via CNN Style

From Marc Lore:

“My focus turned to making Telosa the most sustainable city in the world.  From global warming to water and energy – how can we do better for future generations? And what technology and other innovations in policy and design can we embed in the city that is only possible because of the fact that we’re building it from scratch?”

“Just imagine what’s possible with sustainable building materials, autonomous vehicles, electric aircraft, and underground movement of materials.”