This Stress Relieving Chair Hugs People With Autism

This chair is snug for a reason.

It’s designed specifically for people with Autism, a condition that can easily cause sensory overload, where the person benefits from a physical hug.

Called the OTO chair, it was designed by Alexia Audrain, and we applaud its use, helping those with special needs to feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

Using inflatable cushions and an oversized remote, users can secure or cocoon themselves inside the OTO as needed. The chair’s overall shape is attractive and approachable as well, creating something that serves a very specific purpose while also feeling like a welcome addition to a home or public space.

Via Yanko Design:

“Noise, light, or physical contact can be a real challenge in everyday life [for people with autism]”, says Audrain. “To compensate for this sensory disorder, autistic people regularly feel the need to be held very tightly or to be hugged.”