Guatemala’s Underrated Natural Beauty and Culture

Not that much of the world is traveling right now, but there are some destinations that are underrated in general.

Guatemala doesn’t get the attention of many of its neighbors, perhaps due to some struggles with poverty and crime in recent years, but those who have visited seem to rave about their time.

This geographically small country of 17 million packs an amazing natural punch, with some of the richest biodiversity on the planet.

Via Visit Guatemala:

Tikal National Park is a particular treasure, rivaling Machu Piccu in amazement and beauty. A wealth of volcanoes, waterfalls, and stunning vistas abound, with teal blue waters and dense, unspoiled jungle.

Tikal is one of the rare gems on earth that seem too amazing to be true. An ancient city discovered in a dense jungle. It is a heralded UNESCO World Heritage site.

The 16th century city of Antigua has an abundance of colonial charm, and the Guatemalan food scene is beginning to find its footing, with new and inventive restaurants popping up all the time.

Locals make beautiful and colorful textiles, rich in history and sold at a fraction of the prices of many other Central American countries.

Semuc Champey is a beautiful natural limestone stepped pool and waterfall destination, known locally as ‘Sacred Water”.

Lake Atitlan has been called Guatemala’s ‘Lake Como’, and it is surrounded by dramatic and picturesque volcanoes.