An Ice Cream Truck Overflowing with Flowers

It’s extravagant to see this classic ice cream truck positively overflowing with vibrant, beautiful flowers. It’s the work of floral designer Lewis Miller, who became well loved in New York City for filling trash bins with huge bouquets. This new work is even more lavish, part of his pop-ups that he calls Flower Flashes.

There’s a funny contrast from the clunky yet lovable ice cream trucks to the elegant fuchsia and orange, and yellow flowers that makes this installation memorable.

Done for Valentine’s Day 2021, the flowers festooned two vintage ice cream trucks, and spectators were allowed to snag a bunch of flowers for themselves or a loved one as the vintage ice cream jingle blared from the trucks.

Definitely a bright spot in an otherwise bleak feeling winter.

Via MyModernMet: