Zero Waste Kitchen by Ivana Steiner

Vienna-based architect and designer Ivana Steiner showcases a zero waste kitchen that offers everything that a cook needs, without any of the waste that modern kitchens usually come along with.

The compact, architecturally-inspired design has clever storage for place settings and utensils, while also housing built-in composting, small fridge, stove and herb garden.

The idea is to showcase that kitchens can be highly functional without being wasteful. And when you think about it, every kitchen 75 years ago was a zero-waste space. It wasn’t until the advent of plastic packaging and other ‘conveniences’ that waste started creeping into our homes.

While the stark look of the stainless steel kitchen isn’t for everyone, we like this design as a teaching tool, hoping to inspire others to be more innovative, and less wasteful.

Via Treehugger: