An Incredibly Gaudy Way to Waste $800,000

We know there are watch collectors out there, and we appreciate the love of a beautiful timepiece.

But lately there are a slew of watchmakers out to take excess and wastefulness to a new level. Case in point, the Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow.

For a mere seven hundred and ninety thousand dollars, you can have a jewel-encrusted watch that looks like it’s the adult version of a Happy Meal toy.

Forgetting that this rainbow colored watch costs more than the many people might make in their entire lifetime, it’s nearly impossible to read, with a transparent face showing the absurd inner workings, as if the rainbow jewels outside weren’t distracting enough.

And again, it’s $790,000


“This piece totals almost 36 carats, with 484 invisibly set baguette-cut stones of seven different types to echo the seven visible colours of the spectrum: bright red rubies, fuchsia pink sapphires, ultraviolet amethysts, topaz in Klein blue, leaf green tsavorites, lemon yellow sapphires and bright orange sapphires.”