Andy Goldsworthy in Winter

Andy Goldsworthy is a fascinating British artist who does poetic and beautiful nature art. His work is fleeting, most of it lasting just mere minutes before being washed or blown away. We’ve posted about him before, and his work lingers in the mind far longer than it lasts in nature. Some of his work melts, some of it is so fragile that it probably lasts just until the camera shutter clicks.   Unfortunately his creations are often poorly photographed, and searches for him return low resolution, muddy images, which clearly do not do his work justice. The bulk of his fleeting nature work was done in the 70’s and 80’s in his native England, although more permanent installation have been recently made in prestigious museums like The National Museum of Scotland, The DeYoung, The National Gallery of Art, and many others.

Here is a painstakingly curated collection of winter images by Andy Goldsworthy. We found these to best represent his ability to shape snow, ice, and winter leaves into ethereal works of art. This includes mind-bending arches made of hand placed ice, perfectly spherical snowballs placed in landscapes, and much more. You can sense the patience that was required to build these temporary masterpieces. If you find yourself in wintry nature this winter, we encourage you to unleash your inner artist, and give his style of art a go.

goldsworthy-winter-moss-and-fog-1Andy Goldsworthy winter artAndy Goldsworthy winter artgoldsworthy-winter-moss-and-fog-4Andy Goldsworthy winter artAndy Goldsworthy winter artgoldsworthy-winter-moss-and-fog-7Andy Goldsworthy winter artAndy Goldsworthy winter artgoldsworthy-winter-moss-and-fog-10Andy Goldsworthy winter artAndy Goldsworthy winter artAndy Goldsworthy winter artgoldsworthy-winter-moss-and-fog-14goldsworthy-winter-moss-and-fog-15goldsworthy-winter-moss-and-fog-16