Louis Vuitton Bags Rebooted as Star Wars Characters

No, this isn’t yet another Star Wars branded piece of merchandise. Although their galaxy of products is huge, this collection of art is entirely handmade. Created from old Louis Vuitton luggage and other found objects, these painstaking sculptures breathe new (and fun) life into the luxury luggage.  Designer and artist Gabriel Dishaw has an incredible eye for sculpture, and a visit to his website showcases an entire universe of Star Wars themed items, along with others that harken back to 90’s hip hop culture, and more. We’re particularly impressed with Dishaw’s skill and style, which lends some of these Star Wars creations a truly historic look, like they could belong behind glass at a history museum. Perhaps it’s helpful that the original Darth Vader helmet was modeled after Samurai helmets. If you have deep pockets, you can own one of these sculptures, they are selling for around $2,500 apiece. Via DesignBoom:


Darth Vader’s helmet faithfully recreated using scraps from Louis Vuitton luggage.

It’s obvious a ton of craftsmanship and care went into these recreations of Darth Vader, with scraps of leather making up the infamous helmet.


The famous AT-AT walkers now have a steampunk aesthetic


C-3PO has an ornamental, almost deity-like appearance


detail of the AT-AT reveals antlers attached to the sculpture


Vader’s helmet can be removed, revealing the intricate craftsmanship


More detail of Darth Vader’s helmet


We like this iteration of Vader, complete with straps, bolts, and fangs


The beautiful patina of the old leather wraps this Vader helmet


More detail of Darth


Hours of time went into each sculpture, and no two are alike


Kylo Ren comes alive in a beautiful, deep red


The side profile of Kylo Ren’s helmet is stunning