Bold and Bright to Help You Eat Right

The New York Times has an informative article all about smart eating habits, and ways in which eating as a family can be better and more fun. Studies have shown conclusively that eating as a family (even if you’re an only parent) leads to healthier eating habits, and stronger developmental bonds.  Accompanying the article is a series of bold and colorful illustrations by Amrita Marino. They really help make the concepts pop.


From the NY Times:

When kids eat with their parents, they are more likely to have:

More fruits and vegetables and drink less soda.
Lower rates of obesity as both children and adults.
Higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook.
Lower rates of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, school behavioral problems and depression.
Better body image and fewer eating disorders.
Better grades, higher reading scores and better vocabulary.


Morning is often the only time everyone is together; kids love breakfast food. A study of 8,000 children in Europe showed that kids who ate breakfast with parents five or more days a week were 40 percent less likely to be overweight than their peers.


Keep it Simple: Give yourself a break. Family meals don’t have to look like a Norman Rockwell painting. “I believe the magic can happen without perfection,” says Lynn Barendsen, executive director of the Family Dinner Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. “Come together and enjoy each other’s company and manage to have a great meal. It’s about creating the space to let it happen.”

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