The Looking Glass Bring Holograms To Life

We’ve had holograms on the mind for decades, ever since Star Wars showed us a miniature Princess Leia projection.  Years have passed, and we’ve seen meager attempts at bringing holograms to life, including recent augmented reality headsets, but they require bulky headgear, making them impractical.  The Looking Glass is one of the first efforts we’ve seen that make big strides toward the futuristic holography we’ve dreamed about.

Requiring no special glasses or other gear, The Looking Glass creates holograms using 45 different video angles shown simultaneously, for characters and content that jumps off the screen. Their technology is proven, and supposedly has gotten great reviews from those who’ve seen it early.

Available for $499 for a the nine inch version, and $3000 for a much larger 15.6 inch version. Via Yanko Design: