Delightful Ceramic Creatures from Ukrainian Artist Nastia Calaca

We love these charming and full-of-personality ceramic figures by Ukrainian artist Nastia Calaca.

Calaca, now residing in The Netherlands, is a prolific builder, with hundreds of unique creatures, all brought to life in colorful, handmade ceramics. We’re especially taken by the sly smiles, the knowing eyes, and the way her figures would effortlessly populate the pages of a children’s book.

See more of Calaca’s work on her website, Nastia Calaca, on Instagram, and to buy on Etsy

“I have always been dreaming of becoming an illustrator. Creating intricate illustrations, reinventing beloved book characters, and writing new versions of my favorite stories was all part of my childhood. One day, I unexpectedly stumbled upon ceramics. We unconditionally fell in love and have never parted since, having now been united for more than 9 years.”

-Nastia Calaca

An illustration of the artist and her creations.