Dyson’s $1000 Zone Headphones Combine Noise Cancelling With Air Purification

High-end headphones are everywhere these days, and at first glance, Dyson’s own oversized entry isn’t anything special. However, the company has spent years developing the Zone, which combines high-end sound with an air purification system that attaches to the earphones.

With a full arm that crosses in front of the face, Dyson provides purified air directly to your nose and mouth.

Via SF Gate:

“Designed for situations like commuting in a traffic-packed city, the headset removes particles like pollen, bacteria and dust, as well as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone. Notably, the seal’s not tight enough to minimize COVID-19 exposure. You can also remove the mouth filter visor to just wear the headphones, which are sort of cool aesthetically but fairly bulky and heavy.” 

It’s odd to us that all this time was spent creating an air purification system, but it isn’t meant for Covid, or other virus protection the way a traditional mask is. Instead, the company was designing this for air pollution, giving the user their own individual bubble of purified air.

Indeed, the design is sure to attract attention when it goes on sale, looking like a sort of sci-fi headgear, both ominous yet intriguing.

We wonder if those living in highly polluted cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Lahore, or Haikou, China could afford such a luxury device to keep themselves healthy.

What do you think? Is this type of innovation needed in some of our smog-filled cities?