Kickback References America’s Gun Violence with Bulletproof Leisurewear

Tian Wang and Teague Miller have a memorable commentary on the gun violence in America. It takes the form of loungewear, namely a bathrobe, slippers, and an eye mask, all made from bulletproof kevlar. The collection is called Kickback.

A lighthearted take on a very serious subject, the series brings light to shootings that have become sadly commonplace in American society, and instead of fighting the problem, you live with the consequences.  The artists describe it as “Loungewear built for inaction“. Ouch.

Created in collaboration with clothier Minnie Park from Mirae Studio. Brilliant yet tragic take on the state of inaction on gun control.

Images used with artist’s permission. 

From Tian Wang, on the project:

“Kickback is a full, upcoming line of bullet-resistant amenities and loungewear inspired by America’s 100+ daily firearm fatalities.

Hand-crafted by , Kickback bathrobes are lined with the finest ballistic aramid fiber body plates, giving you the protection and peace of mind you need in a country where you can get shot by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Our coordinating Kickback slippers all but guarantee your feet and toes stay fashionably safe from self-inflicted incidents. These one-size-fits-most slides will ensure your lil’ piggies go wee-wee-wee all the way home, everyday, intact and still attached to the rest of your body. And they’re comfortable—unlike the truth!”